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How to create a stylish home office space

Set yourself up for a successful year with a stylish home office or work space cued for creativity and calm.

Creating a stylish home office doesn’t have to be hard work. From neat nooks to butler’s offices and avocado hues to chic cabinetry, we uncover the top trends to help your workspace exude creativity, calm and style this year.

Settle in

Start off strong and take time to find the right space to fuel your creativity, Three Birds Renovations co-founder and marketing director Lana Taylor says.

“Don’t assume the dark room up the back of the house is the right location,” Lana says. “Choose a spot you’re going to want to spend time in, with lots of natural light and good air flow.”

You don’t always need a dedicated room — a simple nook can be perfect for those who only need to send a few emails from a laptop. “If you have limited space, find a location that is bright, open and airy to squeeze in a slimline desk with a pleasant outlook,” she says.

Lana says 2018 will see a savvy shift in the way we incorporate offices into our abodes.

“It’s almost impossible to separate work from home life, so rather than fight it we’re starting to embrace these blurring lines and create spaces that satisfy both needs,” she says. “Get ready to see the once-coveted butler’s pantry replaced by an open- style butler’s office, allowing Mum or Dad to oat between serving afternoon tea and closing a mega- deal via email — all in the comfort of their kitchen.”

Happy hues

Don’t be afraid to use a splash of colour in a home office, advises Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea Lucena-Orr.

“Colour can stimulate the thought process and creativity,” Andrea says. “Even painting an old desk a fun colour is an easy way to inject colour into a home office.”

For a larger space, she recommends darker or more vibrant colours, whereas lighter, reflective colours work better for a smaller area.

Andrea says this year we’ll be seeing a range of subtle and bold hues — be it through painted walls, furniture or accessories — including terracotta, mint green, mid-based pinks, and a moodier darker palette with greyish purples, brownish reds, deep greenish greys and a touch of avocado.

Shine bright

The right lighting enhances your space and makes the environment much more usable. That it will help keep your eyes alert is an added bonus.

“Ensure the lighting is in the correct position for the desk and is as close to natural light, with an outlook, if possible,” Andrea says.

As well as good lighting at night, a scented candle can also add ambience and a sense of calm.

Sit tight

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk, it’s wise to invest in a good quality chair. And you might have to sacrifice style for the sake of your posture, Lana says.

But the good news is there’s an easy style fix. “Throw a faux fur throw over the back, or add a pretty pillow,” she recommends.

Get organised

A stylish and organised home office should have a place for everything and everything in its place, kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson says.

“Use colourful, patterned storage boxes to hold everything in one place,” she says. “You’ll not only be organised, but your workspace will look fantastic.”

Ensure that items used regularly are within arm’s reach, and those rarely used are stored out of the way.

For the excess materials you’d like to hide, Lana says chic cabinetry is key this year. “If you can afford custom, built-in cabinetry that will always look amazing, but a few ling cabinets from Ikea can also do a stellar job,” she says.

Finishing touches

Finally, make your space beautiful, welcoming and inspiring. “Just because it’s a place for phone calls, laptops and maybe a bit of stress doesn’t mean it can’t have a spectacular chandelier and inspiring artwork in full view,” Lana says.

Plants are always a good idea, Andrea adds. “It’s lovely to be able to see nature and botanicals juxtaposed with screens and digital devices,” she says. “It’s a great balancer.”

A photo of the feature as it appeared in Home Living magazine

A photo of the feature as it appeared in Home Living magazine

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