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Ease more wellness into your work day

Just because you’re at your desk, doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a little more movement into your day.

With around one-third of an adult’s life spent at work, there’s plenty of time to incorporate health and wellness into your day – you just need to think outside the square. Here are a few tips.

Change it up

Round up your co-workers and suggest an office wellness conversion. You could transform an unused area into a mini-workout zone for quick stretch sessions, introduce a stairs-only policy or encourage regular breaks.

The University of New South Wales recommends short, frequent breaks during periods of intensive repetitive work, for example 2-3 minutes every 20-30 minutes. The breaks should involve whole body movement to restore circulation and relieve muscle fatigue.

Healthy choice

Plan ahead and set aside time on a Sunday to prepare healthy lunches. At work, choose snacks wisely (keep some nutritious goodies in your drawer), and drink plenty of water. A drink bottle is convenient, but getting up and refilling your glass will keep you moving.

Keep it fresh

Escape that mountain of work on your desk and venture outdoors at lunch to clear your mind. Sign up for an express fitness class in the park or take a walk.

A University of Birmingham study found even gentle lunchtime strolls can boost people’s ability to handle stress at work.

Self help

Keep calm and focused with some easy breathing exercises. Depending on whether you prefer a quiet space away from co-workers or are happy to zone out at your desk, Beyond Blue has a range of helpful guidelines on its website.

You can also ask your physiotherapist or masseuse for some self-massage techniques and stretches you can do at the office. It’s a good idea to talk to your workplace health and safety officer about assessing your desk set-up.

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