Embrace nature in winter with indoor plants

As the winter chill draws us indoors, The Plant Society’s Jason Chongue tells us how we can stay connected to nature at home throughout the cooler months.

Plant curator Jason Chongue lives a dreamy life surrounded by thriving greenery, but he’s on hand to help even the brownest of thumbs.

He created his new book, Plant Society, to be “a cookbook for gardening”.

“It makes indoor gardening straightforward and breaks the barrier for those who think of themselves as brown thumbs,” Jason says.

His Collingwood studio was born from a passion for design and plants, and a desire to create a “plant social network”.

Below, Jason shares his top plant care tips and trends to help bring the outdoors in this winter.


The change in temperature and natural light calls for a fresh look at your plant-care routine. “Typically you’ll need to ease back watering; check the top layer of the soil is dry before re-watering,” Jason advises. “Also, move your plants into spaces with more natural light if your home is darker in the cooler months.”


Go for hearty plants such as peace lily, zanzibar gem and monstera. “They’re great lush options for softening hard architectural edges,” he says. “For first-timers, devil’s ivy lets you know when it’s thirsty.”


Opt for subtle shades in pots and planters rather than bright pops of colour or patterns. “Our community is appreciating local craft and styling their homes with natural earthy planters,” he says. “Handmade planters are an art piece in themselves. Coupled with an interesting plant they create an intimate moment in your home.”

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