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Nod off anywhere with this travel sleep kit

Get a good night’s sleep anywhere with these five travel slumber essentials.

Set up camp next to a bunch of rousing roosters, scored a room beside the lift, or wide awake – but not at – the party in the upstairs AirBnB?

Good news: there are shut-eye sidekicks other than earplugs on hand to help.

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Whether you’re facing a mid-flight or midnight sleep interruption during your trip, we’ve rounded up a list of clever contraptions to have you drifting off to dreamland, no matter your surroundings.

White noise apps

Chances are you can’t reduce the noise, but you can drown it out. White noise apps let you mix a relaxing selection of nature, concentration or meditation sounds with the added bonus of blocking out background noise. 

Transport yourself to your desired destination, be it a crackling campfire in the forest, a dramatic summer storm or a calming beach with gentle breeze. Mix in white or brown noise to block out lower frequencies, such as bass from stereos. 

An excellent one to get started with is White Noise Generator by Relaxio – available for free from the App Store and Google Play.


A portable speaker or headphones are the gin to your tonic when it comes to your white noise set-up.

Once you’ve chosen your app, connect the sound to your bluetooth speaker or headphones. The bass from the device makes your mix more realistic, and is more effective at drowning out noise. 

Or, for a travel-ready, all-in-one option, check out Bose’s noise-masking sleepbuds. Sitting snugly in the ear, they’re pre-loaded with soothing sounds to mask snores, traffic or that loud group of teens down the hall.

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Portable pillows

Facing a long flight or a week in a tent? Pack a decent pillow to get one step closer to a good night’s sleep. 

Portable pillows have come a long way since the blow-up U-ring that, let’s be honest, is destined for neck-ache rather than nod-off. Choose from styles including memory foam, feather down, side or front tray table sleepers. 

For those fine with bypassing fashion, seek out the light version of the Ostrich Pillow. Worn similarly to an eye mask, the ringed design is kitted out with silicon-covered micro-beads for sound reduction, ready to drown out the rowdy on your next flight. You can also wear it as a neck support.

Socks, scarves and blankets

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You’ll want to be comfortable in your clothing on the plane, but also warm enough to secure some shut-eye. The temperature will plummet as your flight progresses, so start with loose clothing but have an extra layer handy for your descent to doze-town.

Bulky scarves are ideal for on and off the plane. You can wrap them around your neck as a shawl, and they’re long enough to use for a full-body snuggle if you need. Thick socks and beanies are also power-nap power players.

Aromatherapy mists

Mimic your home sleep haven by creating a scented sanctuary on the go. Aromatherapy pillow mists, sleep balms and essential oil concoctions are savvy sidekicks for snoozing on the move. 

For the ultimate catnap companion, pack a travel purifier. All you have to do is drop in lavender oil before bed to set the sleepy scene. It’s another good option for noise cancellation, too, with the machine’s quiet, consistent whirring doubling as a subtle white noise machine from your bedside table.

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